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Leading Judicial Openness

In a speech on the significance of judicial openness, ZHOU Qiang, President of the Supreme People’s Court, mentioned our work:

“Stanford University [‘s China Guiding Cases Project] has translated into English all the Guiding Cases released by the Supreme People’s Court in recent years and made them available on [their] website for judges, lawyers, and scholars around the globe to analyze and review.”


Read the full article 《筑牢司法公开的基石 以公开促公正 以公开树公信》 (“Build Strong Foundations for Judicial Openness to Promote Fairness and Establish Public Trust”).

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“My time with the CGCP has been personally and professionally enriching since I began work as an editor nearly two years ago. I have been continually impressed by the caliber of CGCP translators and editors as well as the analytical rigor displayed by those conducting research on GC-related legal developments. Each assignment challenges me to improve my own abilities, whether as an editor of legal translation or in conducting legal analysis. But perhaps the most influential aspect of my time with the CGCP has been the privilege of working with such talented colleagues and in the presence of true leadership as demonstrated by Dr. Gechlik. The CGCP is a truly special team.” — Jordan Corrente Beck, J.D. University of Michigan Law School


“Already as a newly joined member I am impressed by the top-level scholarship, professionalism, and excellent teamwork of CGCP team. Working under the careful guidance of Professor Gechlik and the other brilliant CGCP team leaders, every member receives an incredible opportunity to gain experience dealing with issues involving GCs and the Chinese legal system, all while learning from the highly organized elite of Chinese law scholars from Stanford.” — Yanzhou Chen, LL.M. International Legal Studies, NYU School of Law

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“Working with the CGCP has been a stellar learning experience. I joined the CGCP while a graduate student at Stanford, and since graduation have become a core member of the management team. This experience has not only helped me hone a variety of skills, but also inspired me to pursue further legal study. Witnessing how fast the CGCP has been growing, I feel truly privileged to be part of it.” — Minmin Zhang, M.A. East Asian Studies, Stanford University