What CGCP Members Say

“Already as a newly joined member I am impressed by the top-level scholarship, professionalism, and excellent teamwork of CGCP team. Working under the careful guidance of Professor Gechlik and the other brilliant CGCP team leaders, every member receives an incredible opportunity to gain experience dealing with issues involving GCs and the Chinese legal system, all while learning from the highly organized elite of Chinese law scholars from Stanford.” — Yanzhou Chen, LL.M. International Legal Studies, NYU School of Law 


“My time with the CGCP has been personally and professionally enriching since I began work as an editor nearly two years ago.  I have been continually impressed by the caliber of CGCP translators and editors as well as the analytical rigor displayed by those conducting research on GC-related legal developments.  Each assignment challenges me to improve my own abilities, whether as an editor of legal translation or in conducting legal analysis.  But perhaps the most influential aspect of my time with the CGCP has been the privilege of working with such talented colleagues and in the presence of true leadership as demonstrated by Dr. Gechlik.  The CGCP is a truly special team.” — Jordan Corrente Beck, J.D. University of Michigan Law School


“I find the SLS CGCP to provide excellent resources for and further stimulate my research interest in Chinese law and its fast-paced development. The CGCP is uniquely designed and provides excellent opportunities to engage with many top fellows around the globe in intellectually challenging discussion. I very much enjoy the work, not only in terms of building my knowledge, but also my skillset, and I look forward to working on more interesting initiatives and maximizing my growth and exposure.” — Sharon Heshan Cui, J.D. University of Hong Kong, LL.B. Tsinghua University


“The CGCP provides a unique opportunity to both observe and analyze the ongoing development of another legal system’s expanding jurisprudence. Being a member of the CGCP team has been one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences of my time at Stanford Law School.” — Ken Daines, J.D. candidate, Stanford Law School


“Joining the CGCP during my first year at Stanford Law School and continuing to work with the program as my legal training progresses was one of the best decisions I have made since starting law school. I’ve had the opportunity to deeply delve into Chinese legal vocabulary, learned an enormous amount about how law is developing in China, and worked with colleagues both at Stanford and all over the world. It is also a great privilege to be making accessible to the English-only public a jurisprudence that will have an enormous effect both on the 1.4 billion Chinese and globally as the world becomes more globalized by the day.” — Jeff Goldenhersh, J.D. Stanford Law School


“If you are interested in the evolution of Chinese case law and also want to polish your legal skills, do not hesitate to join this project.” — Richard Fengan Jiang, PhD candidate, Leiden Law School


“Working with the CGCP has been a fantastic experience. It amazes me how every member of the team brings their own unique skills—be they linguistic, cultural, or otherwise—to the table. Without these diverse contributions, the work product would not be as top-notch as it is. The CGCP team really utilizes every team member’s skills in a process which has been quite seamless.” — Ted Karch, J.D. candidate, Stanford Law School


“The CGCP has allowed me to meet and collaborate with legal professionals from other jurisdictions. The unique synergy generated from this collaboration has been most rewarding.” — Oma Lee, LL.B. Chinese University of Hong Kong


“Stanford’s China Guiding Cases Project is a rare and precious opportunity for me to make my own contribution to a groundbreaking initiative of China’s Supreme People’s Court. More importantly, I am continually thrilled to work with the fantastic team led by Dr. Mei Gechlik and proud of the extensive expertise of our members.” — Wenjie Ou, LL.B. Fudan Law School

“对我而言,斯坦福大学的中国指导性案例项目是少数能够为中国最高人民法院的创举作出一定贡献的宝贵机会。更重要的是,与熊美英博士指导的团队合作总是非常的愉快,我为我们团队成员的丰富经验与深刻见解而感到骄傲。”  — 欧文杰, 复旦大学法学院法学学士


“Working as part of the CGCP team continually enriches my life. I am grateful to work with so many professional, motivated colleagues and am always touched by their strong will to approximate accuracy in legal translation, particularly when translating concepts from two different legal traditions. From background research and footnote validation to polishing terms and full-text translation, each aspect of my projects pushes me to think harder, ask more questions, and encourages me to think about the rationale behind each case. I am delighted and inspired to have witnessed the development of the CGCP over the past few years. The CGCP team is extraordinary and unique. I hope to contribute more as it grows and flourishes.” — Yingdi Qi, M.A. Translation Localization Management, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey


“I joined the CGCP during law school, and I have now been working with the CGCP for three years. My experience with the CGCP has enabled me to maintain my language ability and to participate in some of the most exciting developments in Chinese law as they happened. As a public defender in Louisiana, much of the work that the SPC has done to improve judicial efficiency and professionalism resonates deeply with me, and I would like to continue contributing for as long as I am able.” — Thomas Rimmer, Assistant Public Defender, Louisiana 15th Judicial District Public Defender’s Office, J.D. George Washington University Law School 


“I have served as a member of the CGCP editorial board for the past three years, and during that time I have been privileged to collaborate with talented and passionate law students, practitioners, judges, and legal scholars on a wide variety of CGCP projects. Our efforts have included publishing timely translations and analyses of Guiding Cases, tracking the impact that Guiding Cases have had on subsequent legal decisions, and presenting a report on the development of the Guiding Cases system at an international law conference at Oxford. Through these projects, we have worked to advance the common goal of increasing awareness and understanding of the role that Guiding Cases play in the larger landscape of China’s evolving legal system. At the same time, this experience has yielded many professional benefits, such as improving my linguistic, analytical, and public speaking skills, and enhancing my fluency in many areas of Chinese law.”

“作为一名中国指导性案例项目管理团队的编辑,近三年来,我很荣幸的与众多极具才华的法学院学生、律师、法官及法学界学者进行多元化的合作。这些工作包括及时发布指导性案例相关文稿,关注并跟进指导性案例对后续案件的影响和作用,以及以指导性案例制度的发展与前景为题,在英国牛津大学进行演讲等活动。增强认识和了解指导性案例在中国不断发展的法律体系中所扮演的角色,是我们所共同奋斗的目标。与此同时,这些工作为我的职业发展也提供了大量帮助和支持,不仅提高了我的语言、逻辑分析及公共演讲能力,并且也拓展了我对中国法律诸多领域的理解。” — Jeremy Schlosser, Associate, Dorsey & Whitney LLP (with own translation)


“As a law school undergraduate, I am proud to be a member of this enterprising team led by Dr. Mei Gechlik. When reading and analyzing Guiding Cases and subsequent cases, I deeply sense that an unparalleled judicial reform is at work in China and it is an honor to contribute to it.”­— Zhaoyi Song, LL.B. candidate, Fudan Law School

“作为一名在读的法学院本科生,我因能够进入熊美英博士的团队而感到非常荣幸。这是一支高效、团结、充满进取心的队伍。在阅读和分析指导性案例及相关后续案例的时候,我深刻地感受到目前的中国正在进行着一次前所未有的司法改革,而我们有幸对此作出贡献!” — 宋肇屹, 复旦大学法学院本科生


“The CGCP provides a unique opportunity for law students and practicing lawyers to meaningfully contribute to strengthening not only Western understanding of Chinese law but also current legal developments in China itself. The CGCP has accomplished much in its first few years and is a prime example of the wonders possible through collaboration with interested parties and stakeholders both within China and globally – I cannot wait to see what the CGCP will accomplish as it continues to grow. I feel privileged to be a part of it.” ­— Matthew Wells, J.D. candidate, Stanford Law School


“It is very impressive that Stanford is home to such a meaningful program that follows the judicial progress of China. I feel honored to be a member and to make a contribution, however small in comparison to Dr. Mei Gechlik and other core team members. It is such a great opportunity to work with talented people around the world. The Guiding Case and subsequent cases I have focused on in my experience with the CGCP can help me to better solve my client’s real problems. I hope this meaningful program will benefit more people!” — Jingan Yan, Counsel, Broad & Bright


“The advent of ‘Guiding Cases’ in China represents an unprecedented move to push forward legal reforms in China, and the CGCP is the major enterprise gathering legal talents who are familiar with both Chinese law itself and the common law doctrine of stare decisis to support this effort. For the past few months, I have engaged in both subsequent case surveys and legal translation and every member whom I have worked with has demonstrated enormous passion for the work of the CGCP. To me, joining the CGCP is not just an enriching learning experience, but also a precious opportunity to work with talents of high caliber. It is my honor to take part in this meaningful endeavor.” — Jeff T.F. Yau, BBA (Law), LL.B. University of Hong Kong


“I joined the CGCP one year ago for two reasons: first, it is exciting, in my view, to work with a global team via e-mail, which is a popular and necessary method of communication in international business; second, it is the first time for me, a Chinese law school student, to find that I can contribute meaningfully to Chinese judicial practice and help the world better understand Chinese legal principles and practice. One year later, I have finished one commentary, one Guiding Case, and three subsequent case surveys. My work here is meaningful, inspiring, and efficient.” — Cynthia Ye, law student, Beijing

“一年前,我基于两个原因参加了CGCP:首先,在我看来,通过电子邮件的方式与整个全球团队沟通是一件非常酷炫的事情,这也是国际贸易中非常流行和必要的沟通方式;其次,这是我第一次感受到,作为一名中国法学学生,我能够实实在在地为中国司法实践在全球的传播贡献一份微薄的力量。一年以来,我参与完成了一份评论,一个指导性案例和三个后续案例分析。我在CGCP的工作非常有意义、有效率和倍受鼓舞。”  — 叶聪颖, 一位在北京读书的法学院学生


“The CGCP establishes a framework within which my peers and I can understand traditional and contemporary Chinese judicial ideologies while helping to lessen misperception in the West. Specifically, it helps attorneys like me to understand specific legal decisions and the rationale of Chinese courts on certain legal matters. More importantly, the CGCP has allowed me to meet discerning and outstanding like-minded colleagues and legal scholars, such as Director Gechlik. I have learned much from the rigorous, high-level scholarship of my colleagues and the CGCP leadership. As a CGCP editor, I strongly believe that not only does the CGCP provide profound insights and practical guidance for international practitioners, it also creates an open dialogue in the international legal community that allows for self-improvement and increased self-awareness.” — Ke James Yuan, Attorney, Covington & Burling LLP

“中国指导性案例项目为我和法律界同仁提供了一个知悉过往与当前的中国司法理念,以及消除西方社会法律偏见与误解的平台。中国指导性案例项目尤其能够帮助像我这样的律师,具体了解中国法院就某一法律问题所作出的裁决及法律理由。尤为可贵的是,借助中国指导性案例项目,我有幸结识了一批知微知章、志同道合的杰出法学界同仁和专家,如项目的负责人熊美英博士,并从他们身上学到严谨、踏实、精益求精的学者风范。作为一名中国指导性案例项目的编辑,我坚信,中国指导性案例项目不仅能为全球的法律工作者提供深远的启发与实践指导,同时在国际法律社会,就其自我完善和自我认识展开对话。”  — 苑轲律师, 美国科文顿•柏灵律师事务所


“Working with the CGCP has been a stellar learning experience. I joined the CGCP while a graduate student at Stanford, and since graduation have become a core member of the management team.  This experience has not only helped me hone a variety of skills, but also inspired me to pursue further legal study.  Witnessing how fast the CGCP has been growing, I feel truly privileged to be part of it.” — Minmin Zhang, M.A. East Asian Studies, Stanford University 


“Working with the CGCP, I feel like I am building a bridge between China’s civil law system and the Anglo-American common law tradition, connecting judges from different jurisdictions to learn more about the progress that Chinese courts have made.” — Pei Zhang, Advanced LL.M. Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management, Maastricht University


“By translating Guiding Cases and analyzing subsequent cases as a translator, I gained great insight into how Supreme People’s Court renders Guiding Cases and Guiding Cases’ impact on how courts handle cases in China. The CGCP provides a great opportunity to volunteers. Working with the CGCP team has been delightful and educational, and I look forward to working with the CGCP more in the future!” — Anonymous contribution